Special Events During Covid-19 Era

We believe that life must go on. So, if you do plan to host any gathering during the COVID-19 era (social-distance style, of course!), then the number one item on your list should be face-coverings. With our special designs, you can still have small gatherings while keeping everyone safe.

Designed and made 100% in the USA to give you and your guests the comfort, and peace of mind to stay relaxed while sharing all your special moment with you!

1. Birthdays Face-Coverings

With this Birthday theme face-covers you can still celebrate your little one birthday while keeping everyone safe. This would be a unique touch to your party. Send each of your guest a face cover so you be sure they will wear a mask all the time. 

2. Wedding Face-Coverings

Now your guests can wear a personalized face covering that is in line with your wedding theme. Another way to celebrate with you in style. Get your now and receive special gifts!