Highest Durability and Performance


Printed onto a clear polyester film and then laminated between glass.  The benefits of laminated glass include increased safety if impact is a risk,  and 99.9% of UV radiation is blocked.



Optical Clarity


100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas. The substantial added benefit of clarity makes the images appear as part of the glazing. Our film bypasses inherent problems and cost of decorative laminated glass or direct-to-glass printing.


High Definition Color Printing


Custom printed color (CMYK) and white ink decorative interlayer window film. We are the decorative window film of choice for architects, designers, general contractors, window film installation companies, glass companies,retail, sign shops and other commercial businesses. 

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Printed Interlayers for laminated glass are suitable for modern architecture that requires the highest durability and performance. 


Outstanding visuals printed, at a very high resolution, onto our optically clear laminating interlayer. It is designed as an interlayer to lie between glass panels during the lamination process. Designed for longevity, strength, and vibrancy. 


Kool-Factory Interlayer Film is a blank canvas for decorative designs, privacy, frost, custom fades and gradients.


By printing up to 3 layers, including white ink, we can create translucent, transparent & opaque images / designs, viewable from one or both sides of the glass, depending on your requirements.

A solution to meet your exact requirements

Our cutting-edge automated print production equipment and in-house design services can help you get your projects done, constantly meeting the highest standards and tightest deadlines. 


Digitally-printed interlayer for architectural laminated glass.