Bridal Party Ideas During COVID

Your best girlfriend is on her way to the alter, and as a part of the bride’s inner circle you’re filled with excitement. Along with that excitement, you now have a handful of roles and responsibilities before the big day. You know there’s no better way to honor your favorite bride-to-be than with a successful celebration. So, now is the time to brush up on your bridal shower etiquette. You can use our bridal shower etiquette guide to stay up to date with bridal shower trends, traditions and etiquette tips.

Bridal shower

Whether you’re a first time maid of honor, an excited mother of the bride or the bride-to-be herself, our Bridal Party Ideas During COVID will leave you prepared to celebrate.

1. Host a Socially Distant Outdoor Bridal Party

Keeping your bridal party outdoors in the open air is a great way to celebrate bridal shower. This will allow for your guests to roam around freely without having to bump into one another, all the while keeping socially distant. In addition, you can implement a rule that has all your bridal party guests with face coverings and masks on. Creating a personalized face mask with your bridal party theme will be a great party favor gift you can give to your guests to remember your bridal party by.

2. Throw A Virtual Bridal Shower Party

Invite all your friends to a virtual bridal shower party that can be held anywhere around the world. Through virtual bridal showers you can have all your loved ones in one video room, catching up with one another about different things in their life. This will not only be safe but a great way to get in touch with family and friends who live out of town. Create a different activities you can play over video chat to get your virtual bridal shower fun and exciting.

  • Virtual Charades – Have the group on mute while one person acts out the charades word, once the group figures out the word they can unmute and answer the question.
  • Virtual Pictionary – Using the same concept as virtual charades, pictionary just needs simple household items such as a marker and a piece of paper.
  • Virtual 20 Questions For The Future Mrs. – This is the time to ask all the questions you have for the bride, whether it’s about her, her spouse, or anything else in her life.
  • Virtual Bingo – Have your friends and family create their own bingo board and the winner will be able to get a prize. Create a personalized gift prize that will be everyone’s motivation to win.
  • Bridal Trivia – Find out which of your friends and family knows you the best. Create some trivia questions that will be fun to answer and get to know how much your loved ones know about you.

When To Have A Bridal Shower?

The best time to have a bridal shower is on average between three months to two weeks before the bride’s wedding day. Keep in mind that the most important factor in selecting a date is what works best for the bride and all her VIP guests. Selecting the perfect date is all about finding the sweet spot between the engagement bash and the big day.

Planning the event right after he pops the question can seem premature. On the other hand, planning the shower too close to the wedding day becomes hectic. Since the bride likely spend a lot of time selecting her wedding date, you too should take care selecting her bridal shower date.