6 Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

February is known as the month of love, and while the 14th may be a time to tell those on two feet how much they mean to us, on February 20th we celebrate "National Love Your Pet Day". This day is set aside as a virtual Valentine to the friendships we form with the members of our fur family.

Although February 20th has been marked as a date to show appreciation for our pals with fur, fins or feathers, all pets parents know that every day is National Love Your Pet Day.

In fact, in a survey conducted by VetIQ, more than 80 percent of those queried revealed that their dog or cat companion receives more smooches than their significant other.

How can you show your pets how much they mean to you? Here are 10 ways to celebrate the month of love with your dogs, cats, and other furry companions:

1. Take an extra-long dog walk.

We’re all so busy and it’s easy to find ourselves rushing through our walks. But just a few extra minutes can be a special treat to our dogs  allowing them time to sniff around, sit and listen to all the sounds, and just enjoy the outing.

2. Spend time together at your pet’s level.

Take a few moments and sit with your dog or cat at their level. Lie down on the floor with them and see the world from their perspective.

3. Plan a trip together.

Whether it’s a visit to a local lake, a day trip to a state park, or a multi-day getaway, some time away with your dog can be a great present for both your and your dog. But remember to always have extra care and wear your Pet Selfie Face Covering

4. Teach a new trick.

Positive reinforcement (with extra-yummy treats) can help you teach your dog how to speak on command or train your cat how to high five. The fun you’ll have training will help strengthen the bond you share.

5. Experience the moment.

Put down your phone. Stop thinking about tomorrow’s meeting. Make a conscious effort to live in the moment, just as our pets do.

For our dogs and cats, there are no worries of about yesterday or tomorrow; they live in the moment. Learning to live in the present can prove to be a present, not just to your pet, but to yourself as well!

And while contemplating the moment snuggle up with the perfect pillow with your furry friend printed on it!

6. Express how much you love them. 

Decorate your home or office with photos of your Furry Friend. You can create custom pillows, canvas or metal prints with the best photos of your pet. 

To make this day even more special, we're giving away a #FREE PILLOW to the best pet ever!

To participate:

Share a photo of your pet on your social media and tell us what makes them amazing!

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Tag a friend (as many as you want)  For an extra entry.

On Monday, February 28th, we’ll announce the lucky winner. Good Luck!

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