Quick And Simple Ways To Refresh Your Space

Creating a fresh new look for your living space doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time; there are many simple methods to amp up your home decor and give a tired room a complete makeover. If you want to refresh your home and give it new life, don’t be afraid to bring in new pieces and elements, experiment with different styles and looks, and play around with functional and decorative additions that open up a small space.

Even a minor change can have a big impact and thoroughly revamp a room if done right. With these straightforward and simple decor ideas, you can give any space an exciting new look that’ll completely change the feel of the room. Get inspired and discover how to refresh your home in budget-friendly and easy ways with these simple home decor ideas that’ll transform your place.

1. Incorporate Greenery

One of the best things you can do to add freshness to your space is to add greenery! Create a nature-themed, organic vibe with new plants in your bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. Go for leafy greens and large indoor plants for a tropical rainforest aesthetic, or opt for cute succulents and cacti if you live in a warm climate with lots of sun.

Cacti and succulents don’t need to be watered very often to look great and grow quickly, so these are great options for a busy plant parent who wants something more self-sustaining. Hang your plants from the ceiling or walls, or find simple pots and display the plants on flat surfaces like a desk, coffee table, or bookshelf.

Indoor Plants

2. Add Oversized Wall Art

Hang large framed prints to add color and beauty to blank, boring walls. Add one piece as a focal point for the room, or fill your walls with multiple large art pieces for a bold look. Choose wall art that matches your decor and furniture and blends perfectly into the room, yet adds originality and intrigue into your space.

Abstract art and paintings work well for an artsy aesthetic, while oversized prints of family and friends can create a homey feel. Whether you choose to add large wall art to your bedroom or living room, a new piece will instantly liven up any space and give you a much-needed change of pace.

large wall decor

3. Place An Area Rug

This simple addition to a room will completely transform its look and add a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Pick a neutral color and pattern for your new rug to work with your furniture and wall paint, or go bold with bright colors and eye-catching patterns for an accent piece that stands out in the room.

Make sure you choose a soft texture and the right size for your space for a simple yet impactful addition to any room. Feel free to position furniture on the area rug to help bring the room together.

4. Modify Your Lighting

Lighting significantly influences the overall appearance of a room. Whether you have overhead lighting or a floor lamp, changing something as simple as bulb color from bright white to a more yellow hue will give the room a totally new look.

Going further and changing your floor lamp and table lamp locations will do even more to make the room feel like a different space altogether. Make sure to set up your lamps in convenient locations that allow for quality light throughout the room, but feel free to experiment with colors, brightness, and the number of lights.

5. Throw In Pillows And Blankets For A Cozy Feel


If you don’t want to change your wall art or furniture, positioning decorative photo pillows and blankets strategically around the room can add pops of color and texture that’ll give it a more inviting look. 

Opt for pillows in fun shapes or with inspirational quotes on them to add charm to your space, or go for a personalized pillow with family photos for decor that reminds you of your loved ones. Drape a matching fleece blanket over a couch or bed for an extra cozy—and functional—presentation.

Your home is everything; it’s your sanctuary, an expression of your style, a place that is uniquely yours. If your space starts to feel dull after a while, it’s never a bad idea to refresh your home in one of many simple and easy ways. Revamp a room to add personality to your space, or declutter and rearrange your existing furniture and home decor for a fresh new look.

Experiment with new elements and incorporate fun textures and colors to transform your space into something different and exciting.