The Photographer’s Guide to Printing Photographs

In our digital age, we experience images mainly on screens. We share family memories and our creative photography on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can be quick to forget the value, beauty, and significance of printing photos. It’s something tangible.

Put those stored photos to good use as a lovely gift for your family or friends. For example, beautify a wedding photo by printing it on glass, or gift your partner a sleek Photo Wall of your best memories on your anniversary. You can even bring your print of your friend’s favorite artwork as a housewarming gift. Or why not show yourself some love and print your favorite photo to hang in your bedroom, just because?
Whether it’s a monumental day or simple, everyday moments with loved ones, photos make excellent gifts. With multiple styles and sizes to choose from, when it comes to gifting photos, there’s something for everyone.

For the serious photographer, printing is an art that transcends daily snapshots. Printing photos large scale, framing and exhibiting them helps viewers, curators, collectors and anyone viewing them experience their maximum potential.

Kool-Factory has made high quality printing available for all photographers. This guide provides you with the fundamental process for printing photos. In addition, there are tips for editing and displaying your photo prints.

In an age where millions of photos are taken every day, it can feel like most of those images quickly vanish into a digital void. This often raises the existential question: does a photograph exist if it’s not printed? While we’ll leave that one to the philosophers, we firmly believe in the power of printed photographs and the value they bring to our lives. 

Prints demand a longer look and take images to a place beyond the digital world of endless scrolling and forgotten memories. They are essential to preserving our most cherished family memories.

For professional photographers, creating print products offers another revenue stream for your business. Helping your clients understand the value of prints is essential for running a successful business.

If you are a hobbyist or artist, making high quality prints elevates your photography and will give it the respect it deserves.  

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